Team Sports and Health and Fitness have been my hobbies, a big part of my social life and favourite things to do ever since I was a young boy.

Once I’d retired from playing First Grade Cricket (Easts Cricket Club) and First Grade Baseball (Waverley Baseball Club) I really missed the interaction of being around people who wanted to work up a sweat, build a strong mind and body and have a great time doing it in a team environment. So in 1999 I completed my Personal Trainers Certificate whilst working in Corporate Finance and began training clients before and after work. It wasn’t long after that I decided to follow my passion and go full time into Fitness Training. Now, nearly 20 years on I still train a large percentage of the clients that I started with, only difference being I train their kids now as well 🙂

The majority of my clients are time poor, so I ensure that our fitness sessions are along the lines of “how can we achieve the most in the least amount of time” in a safe and fun environment. No one session is the same and never lacks the intensity for the body and mind to keep developing.

Being happy I believe goes hand in hand with being fit and healthy. Quality sleep, intelligent food choices, smart training and staying active when not training with me are key ingredients. I will help and guide you in those areas so as you stay accountable. I don’t believe in diets, 6 week boot camps or anything that is looking for a quick solution. Experience has shown me these quick fixes are not sustainable on a number of levels. Put simply, Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle!

I work with clients of all fitness levels ranging from elite athletes to some who haven’t exercised in years. If you’re thinking about making a change to your fitness routine or starting exercise after a period of inactivity, I’d love to hear from you and help you set and achieve your goals.




At WG Fitness I understand the time constraints my clients are under. One of my main goals is to make training as efficient and time productive for you as I can. Cutting down on travel time is a big part of that. That’s why I train all over the East or come to your home or gym to train. Some regular training venues are Rushcutters Bay, Queens Park, Double Bay Park, Centennial Park, Lyon Park. Gyms in Bondi Junction, Edgecliff, Potts point and Clients homes. It’s very inexpensive to set up home gyms these days and have done this with quite a few clients.



There is no such thing as a typical session, because we like to keep it varied! Below is a sample of some of the training we do.

Boxercise sessions

  • Includes Boxing, Running, Stairs, Hills, Shuttles, Press ups, Dips, Lunges, Plyometrics Abs and Core Work etc

Indoor and Outdoor Circuit and Tabata Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • A mixture of Plyometrics, Weights, Body Weight, TRX, Strength and Conditioning exercises.
  • As well as either Shuttles, Sprints or Hill Running to put the finishing touches on a workout.

Running sessions

  • 400s, 200s, 100s and 50s all against each other and the clock.
  • Sprint and Shuttle running sessions. These are fun to do at the beach.
  • Stairs and Hill Running Sessions
  • We also do 4km time trials.
  • I keep my running sessions short, sharp and productive so as the body is always in a building rather than catabolic state which long slow long runs can produce.

Indoor and Outdoor Circuit and Tabata Training

  • I do all over body 45 minute weights workouts – Which is super set after super set. A great muscle builder and fat burner.
  • (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training
  • Functional body weight training

Light sessions

  • Ideal for those who haven’t exercised for a while or older clients.
  • Includes brisk walking, light boxing, body weight exercises and some light resistance work.


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David Warner

Australian Cricketer

I have trained with Wayne Geber since I was 17 years old. Now with the amount of cricket I am playing around the world it is hard to get into a regular fitness regime. Wayne is always coming up with short intense routines for me that I can do in my own time before and after cricket training. These routines keep me fresh and sharp and are always a challenge. Whenever I am back in Sydney I always make sure Wayne and I can train together. I appreciate his honesty and he will always let me know where my fitness levels are at.

Peter Overton


Wayne is a superb Trainer. We have been training together since 2011. He’s passionate about what he does and inspires you to work as hard as you can. Even though it can be challenging, he makes every session you do more than worth it. And he is a top bloke to boot.

Wendell Sailor

Rugby International

During my time as a dual international I have trained with many trainers but not many of them come close to Gebes. He was there for me during my tough period away from the game which is when we started training together before I joined the Dragons in 2008 and continues to be there. I will team up with him to get a workout in whenever I am in Sydney. He loves what he does and its contagious to those around him. So do as Big Del says and get your work out on at WG Fitness.

Allan Campbell

Professional Cricket Coach

Wayne is a legend in our (cricket) club. He gets results because he knows and respects people. The players respond to his positive, vibrant nature.His sessions are challenging but meaningful,not just a hard slog. I think this is his point of difference. There’s a strong sense of achievement and self worth after a session with Geebs.

Alan Campbell

  • Easts Cricket Head Coach
  • Cricket NSW High Performance Manager
  • Kings X1 Punjab High Performance Manager
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)

Byron Rose

Rose and Jones Property

I have trained with Wayne for well over a decade 2-3 times a week. Wayne’s desire to be at the forefront of new training regimes ‎in an ever-changing world of fitness not only challenges Wayne but his clients as well. Wayne has the ability to recognise his clients achievements no matter how minor they are which I know not only just for me but his clients as well make each and every one us want to push harder and achieve even better results than our previous session. I will continue to train with Wayne for as long as my body will permit me and for as long as Wayne wants to train. He’s a great trainer, a great friend and someone who I trust implicitly.

Georgie James

Barnados Australia

I have been lucky enough to be a part of Wayne’s group for over 10 years now. There is something very unique about the service Wayne provides. It is so much more than personal training and I think that is what contributes so significantly to the results we all get. He values each individual and inspires us through
what is a very personal approach despite the group format. He has an incredible capacity to motivate and I have witnessed people of all fitness levels achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

I have seen Wayne refine his training over many years, ensuring we are always engaged in the most effective training methods possible. The fact that even after 10 years I still end up with that satisfying muscles soreness each week is indicative of how varied and ever challenging the training is. Not only do you see incredible results and changes in your body and fitness level but Wayne changes your outlook on life. I am a more positive, happy, well rounded person because of Wayne and will be forever grateful for the huge role he plays in my life.

Amber Lawrence

Country Singer and Song Writer

I stumbled into my first training session with Wayne in October 2012, and almost passed out after 20 minutes – fast forward 6 months and I’m as fit as I’ve ever been! It is no overstatement to say that training with Wayne Geber has changed my life in a very positive way. I went from an occasional exerciser to someone who loves getting up at 5.40am, 3 mornings a week to train.

I’m a lot fitter, and lot healthier! Wayne’s sessions are fantastic – they build muscle and fitness fast, and are a lot of fun. The team I train with are all great people, and we love motivating each other to push that little harder! Wayne is an exceptional trainer, and his concern for his clients, and the variety of the sessions means it’s pretty easy  to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings!

Hopefully I’ll still be getting up early for many more years to train with Wayne, I absolutely love it.

Brenden Miller


I have been a client of Wayne’s for over 14 years, and I can say it’s the best money I have ever spent. I have been involved with a number of personal trainers previously, but nothing comes close. Each session is truly invigorating, and you finish it with a true sense of accomplishment. But it is not only the superb training sessions that separates him from the rest, it is care and commitment shown by Wayne that gives his training the extra edge. Whether it be helping with your diet, organising cross training, putting on client seminars, or taking clients on overseas training trips, Wayne always goes that extra yard… that’s what makes him the best in the business, a true lifestyle coach.

Pip Strutt


Over the past 15 years since starting with Wayne my body and my way of life has changed dramatically. From approaching my 50′s with an attitude of what will be will be and let that middle age spread take over to being fit and healthy and have more of a can do attitude.

Wayne has a wonderfully encouraging and positive manner. He knows when to push and when to back off. As a result I want to improve for the both of us. Our week in Hawaii suited me down to the ground. Everyone was committed to making an effort in every session, no matter what fitness level we all mixed well together. A great group and a great result for me. All my friends comment on the physical change in me and how well I look!

Sam McKay


I look forward to my weekly sessions with Wayne and the group. Having trained for over 10 years with Wayne the sessions are challenging, never repetitive and ensure that you achieve your personal fitness goals. I recommend wgfitness to anyone who is committed to improving their fitness in an enjoyable and relaxed environment.

Dan Baffsky

Landscape Architect

It’s early and dark in the middle of winter. The ground is wet. Not sure which body part is coldest. But none of us are wondering why we’re out training. We don’t have to be there. We all want to. On the summer mornings and the winter mornings, its the same welcome of unbridled enthusiasm for every member of the group, the same smile, the same level of commitment from him that he expects of us. Of course, in summer, all’s well and sweaty and warm and tanned and stone fruit for breaky. But its at the end of those winter morning sessions that is the true testament to Wayne’s training and what it inspires.

I wouldn’t swap it for anything less than ‘backstage tickets to the farewell ac/dc concert in Hawaii (so to speak).

Mark Chopper Burgess


As a fellow health professional that has known and trained with Wayne (Gebes) for numerous years, the best way for me to describe him and his work ethic is to relate him to what I call the 4 Hs: Honour / Honesty / Humility / Humour.

It is through the above characteristics that makes Gebes what he is today, that is a health professional who has a passion and a belief in making people better physically and mentally through exercise.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gebes and his services to someone who is looking for the best in the personal training field. I wish Gebes continued success with his business and congratulate him on his awesome website.

Mathew Hart

Consulting Director

Over the last 15 years I have regularly trained with Wayne through his morning Group sessions. This has improved my fitness, wellbeing and my general happiness. He is constantly challenging my body and my determintation through his varied fitness routines. He is always encouraging, positive, extremely knowledgeable and prepared for his sessions. It is actually a pleasure to spend two mornings with him a week.

Wayne actually prepares and thinks about each particular session and each of his clients. I have trained with other trainers, but felt like they were just going through the motions. I have witnessed Wayne planning out his sessions in advance, and the group benefits from this planning and care. Wayne is always thinking of ways to challenge the group.

Stephen Ries

Corporate Affairs

There are a couple of reasons why I’d recommend Wayne:
– He’s a good bloke and very motivating
– He makes every client feel like they are his most important
– Most of his clients, like me, have been training with him for many years, once you start it’s hard to stop!

So with all that, if you are looking for a great personal trainer that makes sessions varied and enjoyable, Wayne’s your man.

Paul Scales

Insurance Underwriter

My wife and I have been training with Wayne since 2002. During that time, he has trained us with passion, skill & enthusiasm. His classes are always well prepared and he is very reliable. He understands individual needs and provides you with confidence to meet your specific goals. He is a great trainer for all fitness levels.

We could not recommend Wayne more.

Dave Anderson

Marketing / Musician

I’ve played competitive sport most of my life, but recently I’ve really struggled with my fitness and motivation. I loved working out with Wayne, and my group, because we pushed each other. He is a really personable guy, who has a knack of motivating you without being one of those annoying trainers.

It almost feels like your letting him down if you don’t go that extra yard. I’ve since moved to Melbourne and I know I’ll never find a better trainer than Wayno.

Aimie Killeen

General Legal Council

I started training with Wayne over ten years ago and I hope I have the pleasure of continuing to train with him for as long as he continues to train clients! After five years of full time study juggled with full time work I was unfit, overweight and in complete denial about the state of my health. The first session started with a lap of the oval I struggled to complete and finished with me sat in the car determined to make sure this was the beginning of a health overhaul I clearly needed. Now, traveling between Sydney, Melbourne and Canada with a demanding job and with a routine that means my regular 3-4 times weekly Wayne sessions aren’t possible I understand the influence Wayne has had in my life. There is no doubt my professional success, stamina, mental strength and general health are all what they are today in no small part because of the training I have done with Wayne. I also know finding a “Wayne” is no easy fea… I’m yet to find anyone who close to being of the same standard in Melbourne or in Toronto despite my best efforts! Training with Wayne is not a boot camp or a twelve week fitness challenge– training with Wayne is about becoming part of a community, adopting a healthier lifestyle, making better choices. Wayne will continually challenge you to achieve and wants you to be responsible for your choices and your health…he will help, but you have to do the work and make the changes. The training is fun and varied and every day part of it is tough – in fact some days all of it is tough – but that variation is what keeps you coming back. The fitness level within Wayne’s regular clients is not only a testament to Wayne but it is inspiring and the support they offer to those around them is further testament to the community of people Wayne builds. If you want to just turn up and train, find a gym, if you want to be challenged, change your lifestyle, hear the hard truth and train with someone who, if you have faith, will help you change your life, train with Wayne