Our Personal and Group Fitness Training

Personal Training Sydney

Our training is always varied and the intensity high. You will be taken out of your comfort zone in a positive, fun, supporting and hardworking environment.

Where in Sydney do we train?

At WG Fitness I understand the time constraints my clients are under. One of my main goals is to make training as efficient and time productive for you as I can. Cutting down on travel time is a big part of that. That’s why I train all over the East or come to your home or gym to train. Some regular training venues are Rushcutters Bay, Queens Park, Double Bay Park, Centennial Park, Lyon Park. Gyms in Bondi Junction, Edgecliff, Potts point and Clients homes. It’s very inexpensive to set up home gyms these days so I have done this with quite a few clients.

What’s a typical session?

There is no such thing as a typical session, I like to keep it varied!  Below is a sample of some of the training we do.

Boxing fitness session - rushcutters bay

Boxercise sessions

  • Includes Boxing, Running, Stairs, Hills, Shuttles, Press ups, Dips, Lunges, Plyometrics Abs and Core Work etc
Indoor and Outdoor Circuit and Tabata Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • A mixture of Plyometrics, Weights, Body Weight, TRX, Strength and Conditioning exercises.
  • As well as either Shuttles, Sprints or Hill Running to put the finishing touches on a workout.

Running sessions

  • 400s, 200s, 100s and 50s all against each other and the clock.
  • Sprint and Shuttle running sessions. These are fun to do at the beach.
  • Stairs and Hills Running Sessions
  • We also do 4km time trials.
  • I keep my running sessions short, sharp and productive so as the body is always in a building rather than catabolic state which slow long runs can produce.

Weight sessions in the gym

  • I do all over body 45 minute weights workouts – Which is super set after super set. A great muscle builder and fat burner.
  • (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training
  • Functional body weight training

Light Sessions

  • Ideal for those who haven’t exercised for a while or older clients.
  • Includes brisk walking, light boxing, body weight exercises and some light resistance work.

All sessions begin and end with a full body stretch, warm up and warm down.