Simple Weight Loss Plan

Okay, I have a suggestion. If you need to drop a few pounds, then every time you’re about to eat something, ask yourself this one simple question:

“Do I want this food or do I need it?”

If you don’t need it, then don’t eat it.

Imagine if you only ever gave your body what it needed. How’s that for a plan? Too simple? Why? It makes sense mathematically, physiologically and practically. Sure, you can make the weight-loss process harder and more complicated if you like (as most of us do), but why should you? Your body is constantly telling you what it does and doesn’t need, so why not pay attention and modify your behaviour accordingly?

The Magic Pill Mindset

Of course we can keep talking about low-carb diets, protein shakes, appetite suppressants, metabolic boosters, gastric bypass surgery, fat-burners, insulin levels, RDI’s, BMI’s and a bunch of other sciencey-sounding acronyms or… we could simply stop eating what we don’t need.

There’s a thought.

Sadly, our alarming obesity levels tell us that we are a nation of people who consistently eat food we don’t need. We eat socially. We eat emotionally. We eat habitually. We eat to reward ourselves. We eat to self-medicate. And sometimes, we eat when we’re hungry. Interestingly, we’ve never been more informed or educated about all things health, yet despite our increased knowledge and awareness, we continue to make bad decisions and do stupid things to our bodies.

Clearly, education isn’t transformation and knowing isn’t doing.

“Do I Want This Or Do I Need It?”

If Australians (and every other nationality, for that matter) only gave their body what it needed (as opposed to giving it what their head wanted, rationalised and justified), we would see zero obesity in this country. Yep, zero!!! Fortunately for all the purveyors of high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt and high-calorie foods, most people will dismiss my suggestion as overly-simplistic, naïve, impractical and idyllic.

Of course they will.