Simple strategies for staying active

Obesity along with Type 2 diabetes are becoming major health issues in the western world. This is due to various causes, primarily large volume- high fat content- fast food, also the increase in digital entertainment. Tackling these issues is about lifestyle changes from what most have become accustomed to, in both a fitness (activity) and nutritional perspective.

A stumbling block many will have in the quest of improved fitness and lifestyle is fitting the activity into their busy schedules. Whether it be work, study or family there is always time to fit activity into your schedule; here are a few simple strategies:

Lunch hour walk
It does not take 60 minutes to consume your lunch, so use the remaining 30-40 minutes to complete a brisk walk. On a scale of 1-20, look to work at an intensity of 12-13.

Household chores
Why not kill two birds with the one stone, so to speak? Complete those dreaded household chores while also gaining some benefits in fitness. Dont just mope through it, move at a fast pace which keeps your heat rate at 60-70% of its age predicted maximum (APMHR), which can be calculated by subtracting your age from 220.

Many people already see gardening as exercise, however like housework this is only the case if you make it! Once again, look to keep your heart rate at 60-70% of its APMHR. This can be easily accomplished by fast a paced walk when mowing, or digging three holes when you usually dig two.

Walk a round of golf
Motorised golf buggies are a terrible invention. If you find walking boring then why not try a game of golf. A standard size golf course will measure 5500 to 6000 meters, however by the time you follow your ball, and walk from tee to green you will cover around 10km. The key to this is to complete the 18 holes in less than three hours (with no motorises golf cart) regardless of group numbers and age, if you can not accomplish this then you are walking to slow, no excuses!

Various studies have shown that sex in the standard position with a partner for 20 minutes will burn around 45 calories; this will increase with time and type. The figures dramatically rise if the act is conducted on the floor of a phone booth, which results in approximately 270 calories being burned.

Physical entertainment
Instead of watching a rented DVD, night on the town or an evening at the movies try more physical forms of entertainment. This can include activities such as: ten pin bowling, horse riding, backyard cricket, paintball or an afternoon at the beach.

Playing with the kids
Toddlers can be an active bunch. Keep them happy and amused by playing games such as hide and seek, tag or catch me if you can. Kids rarely get sick of wanting to play, see if you can keep up!

Bike riding
Although as prescribed form of fitness training in it self, bike riding has the added advantage of being a form of transport. Try riding your bike to work once per week, or depending on distance every day. Not only will you be limiting environmental damage, but you will be taking another step or pedal- towards greater health and well being.

Use these simple strategies to improve your health and well being. Before you know it you will have the ability- and all of a sudden time- to start a more structured exercise program.